Crime City Central No 113 Bill Crider

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Short fiction: Confessions of a Cold-Call Cowboy by John Shepphird

Narrator: Drake Vaughn

Main Fiction: Raining Willie by Bill Crider

Narrator: Josie Babin

Crime City Central No 109 Helen Callaghan

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Main Fiction: Sex and the Single Hive Mind by Helen Callaghan

Narrator: Josie Babin

Mind Seed Anthology (profits to Next Generation Nepal charity)

Crime City Central No 107 Michael Guillebeau

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Cover artwork: Photography by Darren Harmon

Main Fiction: Just This Once by Michael Guillebeau

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh

Crime City Central No 106 Stephen Leather

We’ve lost a Sofanaut – RIP Larry Santoro

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Main Fiction: Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish by Stephen Leather

Narrator: Simon Hildebrandt

Protecting Project Pulp

Crime City Central No 104 Lori Rader-Day

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New cover artwork: photography: Darren Harmon

Main Fiction: Still Life by Lori Rader-Day

Narrator: Joe Sammarco